Lux Aeterna

news-Lux_Aeterna_383Rodman Williams (aka Lux) was a Bay Area electronic musician. His music and presence made a big impact, inspiring magic on the dancefloor. He recently died in New Orleans. In memoriam, I created this digital painting, “Lux Aeterna.”

This piece began as a digital sketch created live at a San Francisco dance party while Rodman’s beats filled the air. Over the past couple months I’ve developed and refined it. The background is comprised of two spectrograms: the bluish columns are from Lux’s “Entrance to Infinity,” and the reddish cloud is derived from György Ligeti’s “Lux Aeterna” (latin for “Light Eternal”). The designs on the head are inspired by a photo of Rodman wearing elaborate face paint.

Click here to download a 2880×1864 JPEG file of the image (appropriate for a desktop background or screensaver).

Click here to download a hi-res 26MB TIFF file of the image (appropriate for printing at 11×17″).

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