BFF on Patreon

After seven years, I just reached the halfway point of my BFF series: 64 charcoal drawings combining pairs of friends. Now I’m working on the next phase of this project: combining the combinations until finally there is one drawing emergent from all 128 faces.

Today I’m launching a Patreon campaign for the remainder of the project:

Patreon is kind of like a subscription-based Kickstarter. You can pledge to give any amount that you specify each time a new BFF drawing is completed, and get special access to the project as it unfolds.

When the series is finished I’ll have an exhibition, distribute the originals, and post the images publicly, but until then only my Patreon supporters will have access to see these new drawings, plus some extras: in-progress photos and time-lapse videos, drawing tutorial videos, one-on-one drawing lessons with me, and custom portraits.

If you’ve been enjoying this project over the past several years, I would greatly appreciate your support in completing it. The Patreon page is interactive, and I look forward to the dialogue as the series progresses.

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BFF diagram with photos

BFF – Set 1, Drawing 64. Julianne and Andrei

The 64th BFF drawing is done. It’s a combination of Julianne and friend Andrei.

This marks the halfway point of the BFF project. The first set of 64 composite drawings of combined friends is complete. Now I will begin combining the composites. Set 2 will be comprised of 32 drawings combining the first 64. I will soon announce a new way of sharing this project, and ways you can get involved. More soon!