The Auracle is a 30×40” charcoal and graphite drawing on watercolor board. It is a companion piece to my wearable tuning fork instrument, the Overtone Crown. The figure in the drawing is life-size and so can function as a kind of mirror to the viewer-listener. The title is a combination of the words “auricle” (the anatomical term for the outer ear) and “oracle” (a person or place which offers wisdom, hidden knowledge, or divine communication).

I sketched the initial ideas for these pieces in my notebook during my Sound, Voice, and Music Healing classes at the California Institute of Integral Studies.



I scanned in and refined the sketch on the computer to serve as my guide for drawing.

Overlaying a one-inch grid on the mockup, I transferred the sketch to the watercolor board.

Drawing in progress, a combination of realistic anatomy and symbolic forms.

Laying in charcoal for the darkest forms. The larger outlines of the ears represent an expansive sense of listening.

Dashed lines from the ears indicate intentional, directed listening.

The dotted circles are visualizations of sound emanating from the forks, throat, and heartbeat.


A looping form connects the eyes and the ears, implying the connection between sight and sound.

A time-lapse of the rendering process.
Auracle-drawing-graphite-charcoal optimized

The Auracle and the Overtone Crown available this month at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. My intention with these pieces is to give the viewer-listener the experience of being enveloped in music played live by a performer, while using the visual art as a tool for contemplation, reflection, and imaginative journeying.

This post originally appeared on Periscope Project, the online component of my de Young residency.