On June 19th, a fantastic ensemble of musicians joined me for a few rounds of my improvisational game piece, Raw Shack. This was a special Friday night event during my artist residency at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. In Raw Shack, I use a variety of cards to cue the musicians, and they interpret the cards however they wish. During my residency, I created a bunch of new cards (UNDERWATER, Play well with others, LOOPING, etc.) which were premiered at this performance.

The band:

Shireen Amini: guitar, melodica, vocals
Sheila Bosco: keyboard
Fountainetta Coleman: percussion
Katja Davis: vocals, percussion
Ayla Xander Dozier: vocals, percussion
Tina Fagnani: drums
Altay Guvench: bass guitar
Gregory Hagan: viola, vocals
Josh Marshall: saxophone
Scott Roy: accordion
Bill Wolter: guitar

This post originally appeared on Periscope Project, the online component of my de Young residency.