Hidden in the back of the sculpture garden at the de Young Museum in San Francisco is the “Three Gems” skyspace by James Turrell. It is a stupa built within a hill, with a circular opening to the sky at the top. The space has amazing acoustics, very resonant reverberations. During my artist residency at the de Young, I met with friends twice to perform some improvisations within “Three Gems:” June 10 with Kyle Nelson and Rob Usher; June 24 with Kyle Nelson. We brought tuning forks, singing bowls, percussion, n’goni (African harp), flutes, and more. Here are some excepts of the improvisations.

Rob Usher ngoni Rob Usher playing n’goni

Shawn Feeney Turrell Photo of Shawn Feeney by Andrea Martin

Kyle Nelson Turrell Photo of Kyle Nelson by Andrea Martin