Berlin-based composer Christopher Williams recently asked to use my Treatise Realization as part of his own project exploring the wide variety of manifestations of Cardew’s graphic score. Here is Christopher’s description of A Treatise Remix:

A Treatise Remix is a musical essay by Christopher Williams on Cornelius Cardew’s seminal graphic score Treatise (1963-67). Historical recordings of the piece, original ensemble recordings of the piece, and texts about the piece are layered in a lasagna that is at once an interpretation, a critical commentary, and an experience all its own.

Listen to the entire piece here.

Treatise Remix

Commissioned by Deutschlandradio Kultur’s Klangkunst program. Supported by WORM and Klangendum Studio.

Premiere date: 14 August 2015.

With: Christian Kesten (voice, objects, translations), Andrea Neumann (inside piano), Robyn Schulkowsky (voice, percussion), Christopher Williams (voice, contrabass).

Mixed by Hermann Leppich.