I recently drove across the country and relocated from California back to my native New York. After camping in Joshua Tree, my partner and I visited the Integratron in nearby Landers, CA. This wooden dome structure was built by George Van Tassel from 1957-1977 on an area where the earth’s magnetic field is particularly strong. Van Tassel claimed that the building is inspired by the design of Moses’ Tabernacle, the writings of Nikola Tesla, and telepathic directions from extraterrestrials.


We climbed the stairs into the upper chamber, which has amazing acoustics. A sound made in one end of the room can be heard with perfect, intimate clarity directly across the room. Sounds made in the center of the room bounce between the top and bottom of the structure, creating an otherworldly echo.

After a brief introduction, a player used nearly twenty quartz singing bowls to create a sound bath experience. The sound reverberated through the room powerfully. The beating of the frequencies interacting with each other in the air created rhythmic effects. The analytical part of my mind did not seek any formal musical structures or harmonies, and so I really did experience it as a “bath” of acoustical phenomena.

Should you find yourself just north of Joshua Tree, consider following that dusty road down to the Integratron.