My ‘Body of Sound’ exhibition opened at Brain Vessel Gallery in Mechanicsburg, PA this past weekend. The show features my Memorial Jack-o-lantern and Musical Anatomy works. I also provided Overtone Crown performances with The Auracle during the opening events.

I spent much of Wednesday and Thursday carving a 90-lb pumpkin for the entrance display. I decided to make a carving inspired by the face of The Auracle. The challenge was to translate some of the flat, 2D elements of the drawing into a 3D pumpkin sculpture. I brought out the looping form connecting the eyes and ears, and shaped the rest of the face back into the rind. Cymatic-inspired geometric forms were etched into the pumpkin skin.

Aurcle pumpkin in progress
Carving in progress.

SHVWN COOPER Brain Vessel Auracle pumpkin
The completed display. Photo by SHVWN COOPER.

SHVWN COOPER Brain Vessel photo 1
Memorial Jack-o-lanterns prints and time-lapse video projection. Photo by SHVWN COOPER.

SHVWN COOPER Brain Vessel photo 3
Musical Anatomy works on the opposite wall. Photo by SHVWN COOPER.

SHVWN COOPER Brain Vessel photo 9
I gave demonstrations of the Overtone Crown as The Auracle hung in front of viewers. Photo by SHVWN COOPER.

Body of Sound booklet
Show booklet. Photo by Brain Vessel.

I’ll be back at Brain Vessel on Oct. 24 & 25 for my Pumpkin Sculpture workshops. There is still some availability for Sunday Oct 25, tickets available here.

‘Body of Sound’ runs through November. Prints, posters, and booklets are available from Brain Vessel.