Sound Somatics

Sound Somatics

I offer therapeutic embodied sound experiences I call “Sound Somatics.” I use the natural order in sound and music to bring organization and harmony to people’s internal world. As with my Musical Anatomy art, these offerings emphasize the connection between body and sound. This practice can assist with relaxation, releasing stress, and strengthening body awareness. It involves using breath, voice, and listening with the whole body (through ears, skin, and bone conduction). In addition to the voice, instruments such as tuning forks, singing bowls, cymbals, drums, and guitar are used. Contact me to schedule a session, workshop, or event.


My workshops combine guided sound meditations, vocal exercises, and rhythm games. Cross-cultural practices informed by the neuroscience of sound are combined to promote wellness and mindfulness. No musical experience is necessary.

Sound bath photo by John Harris

Sound Baths

A deeply relaxing experience of immersive sound. I use a variety of instruments including Himalayan and quartz bowls, chimes, and custom instruments.

Individual Somatic Sound Sessions

My one-on-one sessions are like a cross between a sonic massage and private concert. Each session is tailored to your needs; it can be relaxing or energizing, for example. Instruments such as Himalayan bowls and tuning forks are placed directly on the body to resonate certain areas. I also use custom instruments and imagery, such as the Overtone Crown and Auracle, to offer unique multisensory experiences. Contact me to schedule a session in-person or online.

Past Events



Couples Massage & Somatic Sound Workshop

Saturday, August 22, 2015
7pm – 10:30pm

The Yoga Society
2872 Folsom St
San Francisco, CA

I’m partnering with Urban Oasis to offer a unique date night experience. Explore how sound and massage can help relieve stress, increase body awareness, and promote relaxation at a cellular level. Learn techniques using your hands, voice and instruments to massage from the inside out, and to connect more deeply with your partner. We’ll use weighted tuning forks, quartz singing bowls, and Himalayan bowls. No musical experience necessary! Aug 22, 7-10:30pm at The Yoga Society of San Francisco.


Morning Tune-ups

Terra’s Temple: 3051 Adeline St, Berkeley, CA

These morning group sessions use sound to help release anxiety, increase body awareness, and build confidence. We begin with a guided sound meditation using breath, voice, quartz and Himalayan singing bowls. The second half of the session incorporates simple rhythms through stepping, clapping, and vocalizing. Great way to start your day if you’re interested in meditation but have trouble with the silent kind, and want some movement but not heavy duty exercise. We meet in the cozy and beautiful Terra’s Temple, easily BART-accessible for morning commuters. No musical experience or belief systems necessary!

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