The Embodied Voice

Online Group Vocal Meditation Sessions

Mondays 6-7pm ET, weekly April 15 – May 20, 2024 (Zoom)

Join me for an online vocal meditation course called The Embodied Voice. In these Zoom sessions, I incorporate techniques I’ve learned and developed over years of study into music and the healing capacities of sound. Practice techniques using the vibrational power of your voice to nourish your body and mind, release anxiety, reduce stress, calm and regulate your nervous system.

Experience a felt sense of harmony in your body and internal world. Develop deep listening skills, and feel supported in a judgement-free group environment. No musical or singing experience necessary!

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As a musician and singer, I thought I was in touch with sound and my voice until I took The Embodied Voice. Through gentle, embodied, practical and gradually developing practices, I was empowered to step outside of what I had known and learned about music making, and learned to deep dive in the multilayered, fascinating sea of sound. Since taking the course, I feel much more connected to my own voice as the connecting bridge between my body and my spirit and more present with all sounds. I find myself returning to the warmup exercises that I learned at this course before practicing music. These exercises also show up organically in my daily meditation practice.
–Mani Nilchiani

Shawn teaches how to listen deeply, to connect your experience of listening with a meditative approach to life, and ultimately a calming, broadening set of tools I now use every day.
–Brett Bond

Shawn taught me how to connect my voice to my nervous system in a totally new way. I came into the course with absolutely no music or singing background and now have vocal tools that feel integral to my regular meditation practice.

Super unique subject matter! Anyone with a body can learn a new approach to connect with sound.